State Championship proposals will be accepted as early as the PCA Annual Meeting and until 30 days after the meeting. The board will make it’s decision within 30 days after the occurrence of the PCA Annual Meeting.

The board will consider proposals to host a State Championship for up to two consecutive years. (The same venue may, if desired, resubmit to host again after the second year.)

Promoters wishing to host a state championship should submit all pertinent information about the race, as outlined in the PA State Championship Application. Promoters should review all event standards which may apply; all PA championship races are contested for double PA BAR points and are therefore a significant aspect of the BAR competition. Compliance with all standards associated with a BAR race are therefore especially important for state championships.

PA State Championship Formats

Promoters of State Championship events are urged to give PA residents preferential first entry into the events. For example, up until 2 weeks before an event, only PA residents may register. At two weeks, anyone may. Promoters should designate this on their flyers.

Each Men’s PCA category shall have a separate race from other PCA categories for the State Road Race and State Criterium Race. The Men’s and Women’s PCA categories will be the only race on the course unless deemed appropriate or necessary by the head official to have other categories or races on the course at the same time.

The PA State Road Race Championship and PA State Criterium Championship Men’s Senior events will be contested by PA resident riders only, and shall consist of a field open to Men’s Categories 1, 2, and 3.

All other fields competing at the PA State Road Race Championship and PA State Criterium Championship may consist of both PA and non-PA resident riders, at the promoter’s discretion. (Placings for PA Championship Status and PA BAR points are still restricted to PA resident riders and BAR eligible riders, but race placings and associated prize lists may be determined irrespective of a rider’s residency, as established by the promoter.)

The PA State Time Trial Championship follows the standard for “other fields,” described above.

State Championship jerseys will be provided for the elite RR, Crit, and TT events for men and women. Medals and/or patches will be provided for other categories.