In addition to the usual and customary responsibilities associated with USAC race promotion, promoters sponsoring a PA BAR race assume responsibility for the following:

  1. All BAR races are required to use a sufficient enough camera system to place all finishers in every category.
  2. Ensure that complete results of the event are forwarded to USAC and the PCA BAR scorer. Results must be submitted within five (5) days of the event.
  3. Collect and forward to the PCA a $.50 surcharge for each rider registered to compete in the race(s) associated with your event. This surcharge should be given to the Chief Official at the conclusion of the event. It must be received by the PCA Board within one (1) week of your event date.
  4. All PCA BAR races must have on-line registration available to its racers.
  5. BAR champions for certain categories (junior boys/girls, senior men/women, masters men) receive free entry to PCA races in the class in which they won their jersey (or in the case of junior champions who are now seniors, their current category). During pre-registration, payment would be made to the promoter, who on race day would either return the check unpaid or refund in cash. If online registration is used, the refund would be cash in the amount of the entry, not including any on-line surcharges. BAR champions must preregister and wear their champion jersey to be eligible for free entry.

Promoters failing to meet these responsibilities risk loss of BAR status for the event in question, and future events.