PA Road BAR Series Leaders

Congratulations to the leaders of the PA Road BAR series after the Naval Yard Criterium and SoYoCo:

W1-2: Patty Buerkle (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)

W3: Kimberly Zubris (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)

W4: Camile Durocher ( – QCW Cycling)

M1-2: Ross Marklein ( – QCW Cycling)

U23: David Dawson (The Performance Lab p/b Caffeinated Cyclist)

M3: Dakota Schaeffer (Young Medalists)

M4: Aaron Barr (Swashbuckler Brewing Co Cycling)

45+: Bob Grimwood (World Cup Ski & Cycle Racing Team)

55+: Joseph Manacchio (PA Masters RC)

65+: Barry Free (ERA Cycling)

W35+: Beth Fayant (North Point Women’s Racing Team)

JB15-16: Alec Ratzell (Young Medalists)

JB17-18: Greg Ratzell (Young Medalists)