Medalists From the PA Masters TT and Elite Criterium State Championships

Pennsylvania Masters State Time Trial Championship

Event: Lake Nockamixon Time Trial and PA Masters State TT  (2013-1814)

Date: July 27th  


Masters 30+

Gold: Ryan Rapolas (QCW Cycling)

Silver: Jason Lindemuth (Swashbukler Brewing Co Cycling)

Bronze: Jim Reuther


Masters 35+

Gold: David Iglewicz (PA Masters RC)

Silver: Michael Egan (PA Masters RC)

Bronze: Meurig James (


Masters 40+

Gold: Patrick Walter (Guy’s Racing Club)

Silver: Michael Whitaker (Speedsleev)

Bronze: Mark Gorman (Bike Line/LWA Racing)


Masters 45+

Gold: Marty Mrugal (PA Masters RC)

Silver: Nao Yamashita (Cycledrome)

Bronze: Jim Ludovici (Pure Energy Racing)


Masters 50+

Gold: Kevin Kolodziejski (Tri-State Velo)

Silver: Jimmy Feudale (East End Cycling Club)

Bronze: David Thornton 


Masters 55+

Gold: John Newton (Equipe Vitesse)

Silver: Paul McDonald (Bike Line/LWA Racing)

Bronze: Kevin Saint Claie (MainLine Cycling – Bikyle)


Masters 60+

Gold: Peter Sleeman (Bike Line/LWA)

Silver: Paul Lieber (RAPS)

Bronze: Rick Maynard (Tri-State Velo)


Masters 65+

Gold: David Harwi (The Bell’s Cycling Shop)

Silver: Scott Steketee (QCW Cycling)

Bronze: Gerald Lauchle (Susquehanna Valley Velo Club)


Masters 70+

Gold: Barry Free (ERA Cycling)

Silver: Attila Neszmelyi

Bronze: Len Depue (Evolution Racing)


Masters Women 30+

Gold: Jen Goldsack

Silver: Renee Hykel Cuddy (Bike Line/LWA)


Masters Women 35+

Gold: Shannon Kaplan (Schuylkill Navy Racing)


Masters Women 40+

Gold: Dana Hanchin (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)

Silver: Sabina Olenchock (Lamprey Systems) 

Bronze: Beth Fayant (North Point Women’s Racing Team)


Masters Women 45+

No medalists


Masters Women 50+

Gold: Karen Tourian (Guy’s Racing Club)

Silver: Eva Van Stratum (West Chester Cycling)

Bronze: Marjorie Sherr (Sunnybrook Trek/Limerick Chiropractic)


Masters Women 55+

Gold: Candace Kennedy (Sturdy Girl Cycling)

Silver: Peggy Pergolese



Pennsylvania Elite State Criterium Championship

Event: Liberty Criterium (2013-2574)

Date: July 28th   


Men – Cat 5

Gold: Dominic Mueller

Silver: Casey Verrichia (UConn Cycling)

Bronze: Ben Costa


Men – Cat 4

Gold: Andrew Miller (Spinteck Cycling Team)

Silver: Sean Butler (QCW Cycling)

Bronze: Patrick Darken (Zen Masters Racing)


Women – Cat 4

Gold: Diane Mattingly (Action Wheels)

Silver: Shaina Kravitz (QCW Cycling)

Bronze: Camille Durocher (QCW Cycling)


Men – Cat 3

Gold: Pedro Campos (Tri-State Velo)

Silver: Joshua Cantor (QCW Cycling)

Bronze: Luke Lukas (D3devo p/b Airgas)


Women – Cat 3

Gold: Kim Zubris (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)

Silver: Carren Stika (QCW Cycling)

Bronze: Pamela Schmaldinst (Vortex Cycling Team)


Men – Cat 1-2-3

Gold: Jared Babik (Team GPOA)

Silver: Ryan Shebelsky (Chester County Cycling Foundation)

Bronze: Eric Workowski (Chester County Cycling Foundation)


Women – Cat 1-2

Gold: Dana Walton (Team Alliance Environmental)

Silver: Colleen Gulick (Team Kenda) 

Bronze: Dana Hanchin (Peanut Butter & Co. Human Zoom)