Catching Up With Olympian Bobby Lea

A few weeks ago the I had the opportunity to catch up with two time Olympian and 18 time Elite National Track Champion Bobby Lea via email. I posed 10 questions to the Mertztown (PA) resident to see what he is up to and how the season is going for the Custom Velo rider. If you follow the results like I do you’ll note that Bobby has some 2nd place finishes earlier in the season on the west coast and has added a few wins to his race resume the past few weeks at Turkey Hill and Smoketown.

Here’s Bobby’s responses:


PCA: Current team

BL: It’s the online custom order website offshoot off Pure Energy Cycling & Java House.



PCA: Racing bike

BL: I’m happy to be on Cervelo straight across the board this year.  T4 on the track, S5 VWD on the road, and P3 for time trials outfitted with Rotor cranks and rings, Enve Bars, stems, and wheels, and Fizik saddles.   I’m really spoiled this year with some great equipment this year.



PCA: One road race you are targeting in 2014

BL: It’s hard to pick one particular road event that I’m targeting this year.  For the most part, road events aren’t much of a priority this year.  Mostly they will be used to complement my track training this year.  The Games [Olympic] are still over 2 years away, but the early stages of qualifying are starting already.


PCA: Are you devoting time to the road and track this year?

BL: This is really the beginning of the Olympic build-up.  First I need to get enough UCI points to qualify back into the winter World Cups, and then earn points there over the next 2 winters to qualify for Rio.  The big focus is track but I will still be racing a lot on the road where it fits into the overall goal.



PCA: If #4 includes track, your goal for 2014?

BL: My track goal for 2014 is to lock down an omnium spot in the 2014/2015 World Cup season.



PCA: #1 accomplishment in 2013:

BL: That’s a toss-up.  On one hand I was very pleased with 5th overall at the Tour of Elk Grove last season, but I also had a lot of fun winning the Madison Cup and the Madison at track nationals with Jackie Simes for a 3rd and 2nd time respectively.



PCA: Favorite race:

BL: For this one I think I have to give the nod to the Tour of Somerville.  It’s not necessarily a race that is exceptionally fun or one that really suits my skill set, but as a whole it’s an event that I really enjoy.  And in my lifetime I think I have only missed 1 year, so it really is a Memorial Day tradition for me and my family.



PCA: Last movie you saw in the theater:

BL: It’s been a while.  I think the last movie I saw in a theater was Zero Dark 30.



PCA: Favorite restaurant:

BL: Going local on this one.  I’ve eaten at many great restaurants all over the world, but I always love a good meal at the Kutztown Tavern ( when I get home.



PCA: #1 song on your phone/iPad?

BL: How do I find that? My Foo Fighters channel on Pandora has been coming up pretty frequently.