2013 PCA Governance Meeting Proposals – The Results

2013 Proposals – Summary

BAR Points / Competition
• Formally recognize the U23 men as a PAR BAR (Road) category – Passed 23-0
• Add Women 3-4 category to the PA Track BAR – Passed 17-0
• Change Master’s age groups to 40+/50+/60+ for the PA BAR – Did Not Pass 20-6
• All PA BAR races must meet USAC upgrade (distance) requirements – Passed 17-3
• Have all Junior classes in the same points bracket – Passed 16-2

PACX Points / Competition
• Formally recognize the Single Speed category as part of the PACX series
o Option A: USAC competitive event (standard rules & regulations)
o Option B: USAC non competitive event – Passed 8-7
• Move the 35+ men’s race to its own slot for all PACX races – Passed 18-2
• Split the U19 category for both men and women to 10-14 and 15-18 for all PACX races – Passed 21-0
• Revise the PACX race agenda based on U19 and 35+ proposals – Passed 20-0

PCA Governance
• Include a $1 per rider surcharge in PA Road BAR races to provide funds to support USADA drug testing at selected races. – Tabled
• Expand the boundaries for PA Road BAR races to non PCA states such as MD, DE, or NJ provided the promoter/club is registered by USAC in PA or WV. – Did Not Pass 16-7
• Provide a set of regulations/recommendations for riders and officials in the event of a crash where a rider’s helmet is cracked or an individual displays the symptoms of a concussion. – Passed 20-2