2011 and 2012 PA State Cross Championships Awarded

The PCA received multiple bids for the 2011 PA State Cross Championships and that is a direct reflection of the growth of cyclocross and the quality of races promoters are permitting. As a result the PCA board was able to award the 2011 and 2012 events.

The 2011 PA State Cross Championships will be held on December 4th at the Phelps School Cross in Malvern. Kevin Saint Clair and Main Line Cycling have been hosting this popular event for many years and the course is certainly worthy of a state event.

For 2012 the state cross race will return, after a long hiatus, to western PA. The PCA board has awarded next year’s race to JR Petsko to be held in December of 2012. Cycling is growing in WPA and WV and it’s an honor to have a state event take place in that area.

Thank you to all the promoters for their bids and for supporting cross racing in PA and WV.