The purpose of the Pennsylvania Cycling Association (PCA) is to enhance the bicycle racing environment in Pennsylvania.The PCA hopes to achieve this goal through the following:

  • Maintain a season long road points series (BAR) encompassing riders of different classes and categories.
  • Develop and distribute a PCA calendar that minimizes conflicting dates and events.
  • Promote PCA championship events.
  • Develop a better line of communication between clubs and the U.S. governing entities.
  • Standardize various forms and procedures to simplify running races.
  • Arrange for collective purchasing opportunities to save promoters money.
  • Acquire and share race-related equipment.
  • Annual Governance Meeting to be held in November or December.

The PCA is open to any club or promoter who competes or promotes races in Pennsylvania. As the PCA is the Local Association representing USA Cycling for the state, all USAC clubs are encouraged to join.