1. Pennsylvania resident riders (as determined by their racing license) affiliated with a USAC licensed team registered for the PA Road BAR series are eligible to compete for BAR points. Additionally, out of state members of PA based clubs in good standing are also eligible to compete and accrue BAR points for their team. A club is considered to be in good standing if it has complied with all the rules of membership. (See Eligibility for more information on club eligibility.)
  2. In order for riders to be eligible for the PA Road BAR competition their team shown on a current USAC license must have registered for the PA Road BAR series. A list of teams currently registered for the 2015 series are listed at http://www.pacycling.org/news/teams-registered-for-the-2015-pa-road-bar-series/.
  3. The BAR series is contested by the following categories:
    – Junior Boys (all)
    – Junior Girls (all)
    – Senior Men
    – Senior Women
    – U23 Men
    – Senior Men’s Category 3/4
    – Senior Men’s Category 4
    – Senior Women’s Category 4
    – Master’s Men 35+
    – Master’s Men 45+
    – Master’s Men 55+
    – Master’s Men 65+
    – Small Team Competition (20 members or less)
    – All Team Competition
  4. Champion jerseys will be awarded to the top finisher from the previous season in each of the contested categories.
  5. BAR champions for the jersey categories listed above receive free entry to PCA races in the class in which they won their jersey see Promoter’s Responsibilities.
    – If no race exists in a champion’s class, the promoter may offer free entry into another appropriate class.
    – If the previous year’s junior champion is now a senior rider, promoters will honor free entry into that rider’s new category. Jersey and pre-registration requirement still applies.
  6. Additional recognition will be given out to the top five in the classes above, as well as to the top rider in the following categories: Men’s Category 3, Men’s Category 4, and Women’s category 4.
  7. A Team Competition will be held, with recognition going to the top finishing Club and Small Team Club based on points accumulated by eligible members of that club.
    – A club will be considered small if it has 20 or less members.
    – A rider’s club and class will be determined by their racing license.
    – If a rider switches clubs in the course of the season, his/her points remain with the initial club.
  8. All junior categories are separated out from overall team competition and a separate Junior Team Competition is held.
  9. All finishing racers are factored in BAR point scoring. Riders not eligible for the BAR competition are not tracked. (For example, if eligible riders finish 1st, 5th and 9th, they score 1st, 5th, and 9th place BAR points.)
  10. If categories are combined, a race is scored based on the highest category in that event. (A cat 3/4 race is scored as a 3 race)
  11. An eligible rider may compete for and score points in multiple classes. For example, a master can compete and earn points toward both the master’s competition and the 1/2 title. Points earned in a classification go only to that title. (Points earned in a masters race go to the master’s class; points earned in a 1/2 event go to the senior men’s title.)
  12. BAR points are awarded for each stage for SRs that are designated Stage Races by USAC.
  13. Training races, cyclocross and track races are not scored for the PCA BAR Series.
  14. PCA Road, Criterium, and Time Trial championship events are worth DOUBLE BAR points for Juniors, Elite and Masters Women only.
  15. Ties will be broken by comparing point totals accumulated in the Pennsylvania State Road Race, State Time Trial, and State Criterium events.
  16. In order to be sanctioned as a BAR Race, an event must utilize an acceptable photo finish camera or provide an equally verifiable method for determining the finish order of race participants. Events are also responsible for satisfying other criteria as outlined on the Event Standards page of this web site.
  17. Women’s categories, Junior categories, and Master’s categories can petition the board for a special exemption to stated rules pertaining to events held for these categories if it is believed by the promoter that doing so will improve the quality or competition associated with the event. In addition, race promoters can petition the board for an exemption to stated rules for any event where it is believed the stated rule conflicts with sound race promotion or issues of safety. The board shall rule on all requested exemptions and the board’s ruling will be the final determination.