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2011 PA Road and Track BAR Champions

This season was highlighted, among other things, by the success of the 2011 PA road and track BAR series. The series is more than offering riders top quality events to race their road and track bikes. The series are a culmination of the PCA working with promoters to finalize race dates and BAR standards, working with Marty and Ben to bring the track series to one Tuesday and Saturday a month at the VPCC, ensuring the best in finish line services with the Big Guy Group, coordinating with Ellen Dorsey to staff the events with some of the best officials in the country, and to make the series better and better each year. I want to thank everyone involved from the PCA board and committee members, to the great group of dedicated officials and promoters we have in PA/WV, to the riders and their supportive families and friends who are at the start/finish line all season long. Congrats to the champions and those who pushed them to the limit each and every race:

2011 PA Road BAR Champions

Junior Boys 17-18: Erik Danielewicz (Bike King Racing)
Junior Girls 17-18: Antonina Esposto (Team Alliance Environmental)

Junior Boys 15-16: Greg Ratzell (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock)
Junior Girls 15-16: Nadia Latzgo (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock)

Junior Boys 13-14: Tyler Mower (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock)
Junior Girls 13-14: No champion in 2011

Junior Boys 10-12: Brandon Krasley (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock)
Junior Girls 10-12: Marcy Bardman (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock)

Senior Men 4: Jeff Godfrey (Team Thru it All)
Senior Women 4: Jacqueline McClure ( ? IFRACTAL)

Senior Men 3: Manuel Caliz (Shirks Racing Masters Team|Shirk’s Racing Presented by Trek Bikes)
Senior Women 3: Julia Lonchar (Human Zoom)

Masters 65+: Philip Stanley (Morgan Stanley Smith Barney/Market Edge)
Masters 55+: Charles Carnila (Mambo Kings Racing)
Masters 45+: Kenneth Wareham (Team Thru it All)
Masters 35+: Joseph Wentzell ( ? IFRACTAL)
Masters 35+ (Women): Dana Walton (Team Alliance Environmental)

Senior Men: Ryan Shebelsky (Team Alliance Environmental)
Senior Women: Jessica Chong (Morgan Stanley Cycling Team)

2011 PA Track BAR Champions

PRO-AM Men: Nicholas Reinert (Van Dessel Factory Team)
PRO-AM Women: Colleen Gulick (Team Kenda) & Jessica Chong (Morgan Stanley Cycling Team)

Stagiaires: Jonathan Chambers (Affinity Cycles)

Masters 30+: Jonathan Chambers (Affinity Cycles)

Junior A: Zachary Houlik (Young Medalists/ Team Rothrock)
Junior B: Allyson Wasielewski (Mid-Atlantic Cycling Club)